University of Pittsburgh

2001 AAMC Exhibits

Integration of Content on Weapons of Mass Destruction Into the Medical School Curriculum

John F. Mahoney, MD, Devon L. Davis, MD

The Education in Cultural Competence Opportunity Program (ECCO)

Paula K. Davis, MA, Thuy Bui, MD

Sustaining Curriculum Renewal: Integration of New Curricular Themes

John F. Mahoney, MD, Basil J. Zitelli, MD, Asher A. Tulsky, MD, William H. Markle, MD, Steven L. Kanter, MD

Integrated Life Science Selective in Clinical Neurosciences: An Introduction to Academic Medicine and Clinical Research Methodology for Fourth-Year Medical Students.

Steven H. Graham, MD, PhD, Joseph Kithas, MD

Education and Certification Program in Research Practice Fundamentals: An Internet-Based Training Program

Charles P. Friedman, PhD, Jerome Rosenberg, PhD, Kelly Dornin-Koss, RN, BSN, Ari B. Beedle, MBA

Role of an Alumni Association in the Medical School: A Cultural Factor That Supports the Learning of Professionalism in the Medical School Curriculum

John F. Mahoney, MD, Ross Musgrave, MD, Joan Harvey, MD, Steven L. Kanter, MD

UPMC St. Margaret Handheld Computing Initiative

Goutham Rao, MD, Carolyn A. Eaton, MD

Reproduction and Developmental Biology: Student-Driven Design of a Course Web Site

Kathleen A. Ferraro, MA, Suzanne M. Atkinson, David M. Cognetti, John F. Mahoney, MD, Kathleen D. Ryan, PhD, Julie A. DeLoia, PhD

Evidence-Based and Population-Based Medicine: National Implementation Under the UME-21 Project

J.F. Mahoney MD, M. Cox MD, R.E. Gwyther MD, I.B. Harris PhD, V. Kowlowitz PhD, R. Morrison PhD, M.T. O'Connell MD, D. O'Dell MD, P.M. Paulman MD, S. Popp PhD, M. Pugnaire MD, S. Rattner MD, M. Schenk MD