University of Pittsburgh

2003 AAMC Exhibits

Integrated Standardized Course Evaluation: Bridging the Gap Between Data and Curriculum Improvement

Thomas A. Medsger Jr., MD, Peter Land, PhD, Neal Ryan, MD, Julie DeLoia, PhD, Donald Middleton, MD, Beth Piraino, MD, Timothy Carlos, MD

Undergraduate Honors College Course in Medicine as a Bridge Toward Medical School

Georgia K. Duker, PhD, Sheldon Adler, MD, Arthur S. Levine, MD

Empowering Academic Career Development

Joan M. Lakoski, PhD, Rachael J. Berget, MEd, Mary Beth Bawden

Use of Digital Video Images to Teach and Assess Visual Diagnosis in Pediatrics

Assessing Infant Development, Phillip H. Kaleida, MD, Nader Shaikh, MD