University of Pittsburgh

2004 AAMC Exhibits

Integration of Content on Tobacco Cessation into the Medical School Curriculum

Maurice S. Clifton, MD, MSEd, John F. Mahoney, MD, David E. Eibling, MD, Patricia Campbell, Kathleen D. Ryan, PhD

A Four-Year Comprehensive Career and Academic Advising System

Maurice S. Clifton, MD, MSEd, Joan Harvey, MD

Integrated Life Science Course: Science of Resuscitation for Fourth-Year Medical Students

Clifton W. Callaway, MD, David P. Hostler, PhD, Ankur Doshi, MD, James J. Menegazzi, PhD, John F. Mahoney, MD

Clinical Scientist Training Program

Amber E. Barnato, MD, MPH, Wishwa N. Kapoor, MD, MPH, Arthur S. Levine, MD