University of Pittsburgh

2005 AAMC Exhibits

Translating Knowledge Into Action: The Basic Science of Care

Loren Roth, MD, MPH, John Williams, MD, Daniel Martich, MD, Mark Zeidel, MD, Vladmir Manuel, MS, Emily Storch, MS, Animesh Sabnis, MFA, Allison DeKosky, MS, Margaret McDonald, PhD, John Mahoney, MD, Steven Kanter, MD

Initial Development of a Multidisciplinary Curriculum to Raise Medical Students' Awareness of the Impact of Depression on Co-Morbid Medical Disease

Bruce Rollman, MD, MPH, Matthew Muldoon, MD, MPH, Jason Rosenstock, MD, Ram Chandran Kalyanam, MD, Allen Humphrey, PhD

Methods and Logic in Medicine: A New Course on Analytical Thinking for Medical Students

Beth Piraino, MD, Peter Drain, PhD, James McGee, MD, Peter Kant, MA, Nicole Cullen, Steven L. Kanter, MD

An Institutional Model for Web-Based Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research

Barbara Barnes, MD, Michele Broido, PhD, Charles Friedman, PhD, Randy Juhl, PhD, William Madden, Steven Reis, MD, Jerome Rosenberg, PhD,Joanne Russell, MSN