University of Pittsburgh

2006 AAMC Exhibits

Increasing Self-Awareness of Medical Student Depression and Suicide Using a Web-Based Module

Deborah Brooks, MS-III, Gary Tabas, MD, Bruce Rollman, MD, MPH, Charles Reynolds, MD

Fostering Professional Development of Leadership Skills for Junior Faculty in Clinical and Basic Research

Jennifer Woodward, PhD, Darlene Zellers, MA, Deborah Seltzer, Catherine Baty, DVM, PhD, Ora Weisz, PhD, Mary Beth Bawden, Mary Kujawski, Michael Zigmond, PhD, Wishwa Kapoor, MD, MPH, Joan Lakoski, PhD

The Institute for Clinical Research Education

Mark Roberts, MD, MPP, Deborah Seltzer, Joan Lakoski, PhD, Wishwa Kapoor, MD, MPH, Arthur Levine, MD

The Natural History of Medicine: Applications from Evolutionary Biology for Aspiring Physicians

Chris Beard, PhD, Zhexi Luo, PhD, Sandra Olsen, PhD, John Wible, PhD

Pandemic Avian Influenza Preparedness: A Patient-Care and Public Health Simulation for Medical Students

John Mahoney, MD, MS, Joe Suyama, MD, Francis Guyette, MD, MS, Samuel Stebbins, MD, MPH