University of Pittsburgh

2007 AAMC Exhibits

Anatomy of a Required Scholarly Project - From Conception to Reality

Michael Boninger, MD, Philip Troen, MD, Allen Humphrey, PhD, Nina Schor, MD, PhD, Cynthia Lance-Jones, PhD, Peter Kant, MA, James McGee, MD, Steven Kanter, MD

The University of Pittsburgh Scholarly Project - Initial Examples of Success

Michael Boninger, MD, Philip Troen, MD, Allen Humphrey, PhD, Cynthia Lance-Jones, PhD, Jessica Ellerman, MS4, M. Lee Haselkorn, MS4, Sheena Jain, MS4, Steven Kanter, MD, Arthur Levine, MD

Curricular Alchemy: Transforming Unused Hours into Golden Opportunities Through Pre-Clinical Mini-Electives

John Mahoney, MD, Judith Mitchell, Steven Kanter, MD, Robin Maier, MD

Rising to the Challenge: Teaching Team-Based Health Care Through an Innovative, Interprofessional Elective

Allen Humphrey, PhD, Susan Meyer, PhD, Rose Hoffmann, RN, PhD,

Rene Alvarez, MD, Filitsa Bender, MD, Ron Shapiro, MD

Engaging Encounters: Keeping Everyone in the Game by Combining Audience Response Technology and Simulation-Based Group

Paul E. Phrampus, MD, David Metro, MD, John Williams, MD