University of Pittsburgh

2008 AAMC Exhibits

Academy of Master Educators: An Institutional Resource to Advance Education and Professional Development

Goutham Rao, MD, James Johnston, MD, John F. Mahoney, MD, Kathleen D. Ryan, PhD, Rosanne Granieri, MD, Melissa McNeil, MD, Rita M. Patel, MD, Steven L. Kanter, MD

The Right Topics at the Right Time: An Advanced Clinical Skills Course for Senior Medical Students

Donald B. Middleton, MD, John F. Mahoney, MD

Transforming Instruction for First Year Medical Students: An Integrative Course in Cell Biology, Histology and Pathology

Cynthia Lance-Jones, PhD, Donald B. DeFranco, PhD, Lawrence C. Nichols, MD, Geoffrey H. Murdoch, MD, PhD

Spanish Language Instruction for Medical Students: A Modular and Longitudinal Curriculum

John F. Mahoney, MD, Evangelina Kidwai, MA, Ivonne M. Daly, MD, Diego Chaves-Gnecco MD, MPH

Managing the Boundaries: Deploying an Industry Relationships Policy in a Large Academic Medical Center

Barbara Barnes, MD, Randy Juhl, PhD, Gabriel Silverman, BA, Pamela Grimm, Esq, Theresa Colecchia, Esq, Kelley Wasicek, RPh, and Arthur Levine, MD

Innovative Information Portals: Molecular Biology and Clinical Resources

Barbara A. Epstein, MSLS and Nancy H. Tannery, MLS, Ansuman Chattopadhyay, PhD, Carrie L. Iwema, PhD, MLS,  John LaDue, MLIS, Charles B. Wessel, MLS and Fran Yarger, MA, MAED