University of Pittsburgh

Distinguished Service in Medical Education Award

This award is the highest honor in medical education given by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The award is not given annually; rather, it is bestowed on special occasions as warranted.

Achievements of individuals receiving this award will include but are not limited to:

  • five or more years of medical education service at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
  • authorship of publications related to the curriculum (peer-reviewed articles, textbooks, monographs, and others)
  • teaching in more than one course or clerkship
  • significant administrative responsibilities that extend beyond a single course or clerkship

Honorees are selected by the Curriculum Committee Executive Subcommittee and the dean. When presented, the award is given at the Annual Curriculum Colloquium.

Honorees are:


Hollis D. Day, MD
Rosanne Granieri, MD


Allen L. Humphrey, PhD
Thomas A. Medsger, MD


  • Kathleen D. Ryan, PhD


  • Steven L. Kanter, MD


  • Sheldon Adler, MD
  • Carole Coffee, PhD