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Curriculum Continuous Quality Improvement

The Curriculum Continuous Quality Improvement (CCQI) Committee is responsible for monitoring compliance with LCME accreditation standards and ongoing evaluation and improvement of the MD Degree program. The CCQI Committee ascertains short- and long-term goals, implements systematic processes to collect and review data, and disseminates outcomes to appropriate leadership and administration, including but not limited to: the Curriculum, Promotion, Admissions, and Executive Committees; the Education Policy Council; the Dean; various associate / assistant deans; and department chairpersons. The CCQI Committee collaborates with leadership and administration to identify action plans to achieve goals, as evidenced by measurable outcomes.  Meetings are generally held on a monthly basis.

The CCQI Committee is comprised faculty, administrators and staff, and at least one student.  It is chaired by the Associate Dean for Medical Education. 


CCQI Committee Members

    • Chair
      John Mahoney, MD
      Associate Dean for Medical Education 
    • Cynthia Lance-Jones, PhD
      Assistant Dean for Medical Education
    • Aileen Brasacchio, MEd
      Assistant Director for Accreditation
      and Evaluation
    • Katie Maietta
      Assistant Director of Medical Education
    • Jared Chiarchiaro, MD
      Assistant Professor of Pulmonary,
      Allergy and Critical Care Medicine
    • Jason Rosenstock, MD
      Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
    • Ankur Doshi, MD FACEP
      Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
    • Allison Serra, MD
      Assistant Professor, Obstetrics,
      Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
    • Michael Elnicki, MD
      Professor of Medicine
    • Reed Van Deusen, MD
      Assistant Professor of Medicine
    • Valerie Fulmer
      Director, Standardized Patient Program
    • Bill Yates, PhD
      Professor of Otolaryngology and Neuroscience















    Monitoring of Medical Education Programs Outcomes

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