University of Pittsburgh

Committee Members

Curriculum Committee Members 2019-2020

  • Chair
    Jason B. Rosenstock, MD
    Associate Professor of Psychiatry
    Phone: 412-246-6495
  • Vice Chair
    Bill J. Yates, PhD
    Professor of Otolaryngology and Neuroscience


  • Recording Secretary
    Betsy Nero
    S592 Scaife Hall
    Phone: 412-648-9829




  • Vikas Agarwal, MD
    Associate Professor of Radiology
  • Lisa Borghesi, PhD
    Associate Professor of Immunology
  • Aaron M. Brown, MD
    Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
  • Thuy D. Bui, MD
    Associate Professor of Medicine
  • Marie C. DeFrances, MD, PhD
    Associate Professor of Pathology
  • Ankur A. Doshi, MD
    Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
  • Peter F. Drain, PhD
    Associate Professor of Cell Biology



  • Giselle Hamad, MD
    Professor of Surgery
  • Scott R. Herrle, MD, MS
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Heather L. Hohmann, MD
    Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
  • Laurie E. Knepper, MD
    Associate Professor of Neurology
  • Robin M. Maier, MD, MA
    Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
  • Brighid M. O'Donnell, MD
    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
  • Martin C. Schmidt, PhD
    Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
  • John B. Schumann, PhD
    Associate Professor of Neurobiology
  • Eloho O. Ufomata, MD, MS
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Claire A. Yanta, MD
    Assistant Professor of Neurology
  • Evan L. Waxman, MD, PhD
    Associate Professor of Ophthalmology









Ex-Officio Members

  • Barbara E. Barnes, MD
    Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education
  • Donald B. DeFranco, PhD
    Professor & Vice Chair of Medical Education, Dept. of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology; Assistant Dean for Medical Student Research; Director, Dean's Summer Research Project




  • Joan Harvey, MD
    Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • James R. Johnston, MD
    Professor of Medicine; Organ Systems Pathophysiology Block
  • Cynthia Lance-Jones, PhD
    Assistant Dean for Medical Student Research; Fundamentals of Basic Science Block Director
  • Joseph E. Losee
    Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics


  • Melissa A. McNeil, MD
    Professor of Medicine; Introduction to Patient Care Block Director

  • Chenits Pettigrew, Jr., PhD
    Assistant Dean for Student Affairs; Director of Diversity Programs

  • Beth M. Piraino, MD
    Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid


  • Richard A. Steinman, MD, PhD 
    Associate Dean and
    Director of MSTP

  • Ann E. Thompson, MD, MHCPM
    Vice Dean, UPSOM
    Professor, CCM and Pediatrics
  • Peter J. Veldkamp, MD, MS
    Assistant Dean for Medical
    Student Research Associate Professor of Medicine













MS-1 Richard Brown Jim Duehr
MS-1 Jasmine Hect Marc Peretti
MS-2 Michelle Nanni Jonathan Perkins
MS-2 Hermoon Worku Michelle Zhang
MS-3 Patricia Campos Kevin Duffy
MS-3 Camila Ortiz Rahilla Tarfa
MS-4 Almut McDermott Jane Kwon
MS-4 Sandesh Raj Theresa Reno
MSTP (MD/PhD) Michael Granovetter Paolo Vignali
MSTP (MD/PhD) Hillary Wehry