University of Pittsburgh

Policies and Procedures

This webpage provides links to the policies and procedures relevant to the MD degree program. Other School of Medicine policies are available through the relevant offices and departments (e.g., Office of Faculty Affairs).

Curriculum-Related Policies and Procedures

Absence and Attendance                                                      Policy        Procedure

Calendar and Scheduling                                                      Policy        Procedure

Clinical Supervision                                                                 Policy        Procedure

Completion of Course Evaluations by Students               Policy        Procedure

Counter-signature of Medical Student Entries in              Policy        Procedure Medical Records

Medical Student Assessment in Courses and                    Policy        Procedure Clerkships: Narrative Assessment

Medical Student Clinical Participation During                      Policy        Procedure Severe Weather Conditions

Mid-Rotation Feedback                                                            Policy         Procedure

Mistreatment and Harassment                                               Policy         Procedure

Non-Involvement of Providers of Student Health              Policy         Procedure Services in Student Assessment

Requesting an Alternative Site Assignment                           Policy         Procedure

Timeliness of Evaluations in Courses, Clerkships,              Policy        Procedure Electives, and Sub-Internships

Authoring of Medical Student Performance Evaluation        Policy        Procedure

Resident & Fellow Preparation for Teaching                   Policy        Procedure

Course Materials                                             Policy         Procedure

Course Grade Appeals                               Policy           Procedure

Performance and Satisfactory Academic Progress          Policy         Procedure

Academic Remediation                     Policy        Procedure

USMLE and CCA               Policy           Procedure

Medical Student Policies and Procedures

Healthcare-Related Absence                                                 Policy         Procedure

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment                         Policy         Procedure

Notice of Non-Discrimination                                                 Policy          Procedure

Requirements for Health and Disability Insurance           Policy           Procedure

Students Infected with Bloodborne Pathogens                  Policy          Procedure

Research Involving Medical Students as Subjects           Policy           Procedure

Official Communication                                                           Policy            Procedure

Computer Usage                                                                     Policy                 Procedure

Authorship                                                                                 Policy             Procedure

Professionalism in the Teacher/Learner Environment    Policy             Procedure

Code of Conduct                                                                       Policy            Procedure

Grading and Student Promotions                                        Policy            Procedure

Technical Standards for the Admission, Retention,         Policy             Procedure and Graduation of Applicants and Medical Students

Drug Free Workplace                                                             Policy             Procedure

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)        Policy             Procedure "The Buckley Amendment"

Non-Discrimination                                                                Policy             Procedure

Clerkship Attendance                                                             Policy             Procedure

Third and Fourth Year Attendance                                      Policy             Procedure

Student Duty Hours                                                                 Policy            Procedure

Leave of Absence                                                              Policy             Procedure

Cancellation of Classes                                                           Policy             Procedure

Transportation to Clinical Sites                                            Policy             Procedure

Access to Medical Student Academic Records                    Policy            Procedure

Exposure to Infectious and Environmental Hazards        Policy            Procedure

Immunization and Tuberculosis Testing                               Policy            Procedure

Student Challenge of the Educational Record                    Policy            Procedure

Visiting Medical Students                                               Policy            Procedure

International Educational Experiences                               Policy            Procedure

Requirements for Granting of the MD Degree                Policy            Procedure

Appeals of Decisions by Committee on Promotions      Policy            Procedure

Academic Probation                                                   Policy            Procedure

Time Limitations for Completing MD Degree Program   Policy            Procedure

Admissions and Financial Aid Policies and Procedures 

Medical Student Financial Aid                                                Policy             Procedure

Technical Standards                                                                Policy             Procedure

Professionalism and Criminal Background Check              Policy              Procedure

Terms and Conditions for Matriculation                              Policy             Procedure

Medical Student Transfer                                                        Policy              Procedure

International Medical Student Application Process        Policy              Procedure

Title IV Refunds                                                               Policy              Procedure

Tuition Charges and Refunds           Policy              Procedure

Faculty-Related Policies and Procedures

Schools of Health Sciences: Industry Relationship            Policy              Procedure

Conflict of Interest for Faculty, Scholars, Researchers,  Policy             Procedure Research Staff/Coordinators

Consultant Conflict of Interest                                               Policy             Procedure

Conflict of Interest for University of Pittsburgh                 Policy             Procedure

Faculty Appointments for Clinical Preceptors                      Policy             Procedure